10 Guiding Principle for Beginner Film Makers

As a beginner in film making, of course you have a lot to learn from the seniors. Because each film maker has different characteristics and concept ideas. However, all film makers have the same principle, namely making films that can be understood and accepted.

If you are a beginner, then you should know the basics of filmmaking. Production House in Bali can be one place for you to explore your abilities.

Guiding Principle For Beginner

Knowing the basic rules of film making will help you make your film without straying from your original goal.

A good film is not a film that only brings financial gain to the parties involved. However, a good film is able to provide education to the audience and at least there is a message in the film that can be conveyed. The following is the guiding principle for beginners to make films:

  • Story idea

Any work one must have from the start is a story idea. Choose an idea that is fresh and can provide a spectacle color for viewers. Come up with story ideas that touch the hearts of the audience.

  • Target Market

If you already have a story idea, then you have to determine who the target segment of your film is. whether the story idea you make is suitable for adults, teenagers or children.

  • Film Synopsis

This is something that is quite important to pay attention to. The film synopsis is determining whether the viewers are waiting for the continuation and are curious about the film you make.

If you succeed in attracting the audience with the synopsis of the film, then your film will be a success.

  • Film Scenarios

The scenario determines whether the film you make is of high quality or not. In a film scenario, you have to create dialogue, background, player characters, expressions and movie settings.

  • Tools and technical

After determining the scenario, you must prepare all shooting needs. All technical equipment must be prepared starting from the camera, lighting, costumes, property and make-up artist.

  • Budgeting

Determine the costs of the entire filming process. Production House in Bali prepares maximum funds so that it can produce good films without obstacles.

  • Recording Movies

After all the preparations are complete, start shooting the movie scene. If you become a director, all shooting activities will be based on the scenario that you have created.

  • Editing

After the film is finished recording, it’s time for your editor to put all the shots together to make them fit the story.

  • Revisions and Reviews

See if there are any missing scenes and review whether the film can be marketed immediately. Usually it will be submitted to the Broadcasting Commission to obtain a distribution permit.

  • Promotion

After the film is finished and has been reviewed. Prepare a promotional strategy. Starting from social media, radio, television, posters and others.

Those are 10 important rules that must be understood by a beginner film maker in production house in Bali. May be useful for you.