Breaking the Computer Purchasing Cycle

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When you are buying a new computer, either by collecting required computer components, buying it separately, or buying the complete computer rigs, there are many things you should understand. One thing to consider is the Computer purchasing cycle. Today, we are going to talk about the Computer buying cycle, and how computer components are manufactured, imported, as well as purchased, and brought. 

What is Purchasing/Buying Cycle?

According to economists, Purchasing or Buying a cycle is a cycle of procurement of goods, or the P2P (Procure 2 Pay. It is the process upon which you order goods, obtain them and then pay for the goods or services that you or your business needs. Purchasing cycle could be used to know about the purchasing cycle of many goods and services, not just expensive goods like computers, cars, motorcycles, or Smartphones. 

The computer purchasing or buying cycle means the cycle of how you order, buy, and pay for the computer components. These could be means the cycle of production of computer components from the superconductor, microchip, CPU, GPU, and Power supply of the computer, to how suppliers deliver these computer components for you. 

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Computer Lifecycle from Manufacturing to the Buying

When you think about it, computer components are one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology, and manufacturing requires a lot of process and production. From the production of several different components to the procurement of different computer hardware, so here are the lifecycle of computers, from manufacturing to the purchase, and the end of life for a computer.

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  • Importing the required raw materials

These are materials required to create core components such as microchips and superconductors. Some of the raw materials are minerals like Cobalt, Gold, and Copper. Most of these are mined all around the world, like in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

  • Manufacturing the superconductors, circuit boards, and microchips

The manufacturing process is done by many countries. These are components that are used for computer CPUs, as well as other components, from smartphones to laptops. The manufacturing process is done by many countries, such as China, Chinese Taipei, the US, Singapore, and Israel.

  • Productions of different components

Productions are done by several different brands. For example, ASUS, Asrock, Gigabyte, and Zotac.

  • Delivering the components to the distributors and then buyers

The manufacturer then delivers the produced components. Most of the components have different series, architecture, and different brands. 

  • Costumers assembling the components

Costumers assemble the required components, such as CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard drive, SSD, Power supply, monitor, and casing. Customers can buy the required components or buy the pre-build computer assembled by shop, and outlet.

  • A lifetime of each computer

Each of the computer components has a different lifetime. Once the lifetime of components has passed, it becomes broken. Many other errors also can make it break faster, for example, caused by overheating, and bad power supply.

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