Electric Car or a Gas Car?

Various well-known car manufacturers are currently competing to design and develop the best environmentally friendly vehicles. Many automotive manufacturers think that electric cars have advantages over gasoline cars. In addition, there are also hybrid vehicles.

For example, a car with the latest concept, namely the 2024 Honda Accord where the technology uses two types of technology as a source of energy. If in general a car only has a gasoline engine or an electric engine, a hybrid car has one other engine source, which is the battery as its power source.

Electric car

In simple terms, an electric car is a vehicle that has an electric motor, not an internal combustion engine. Electric cars use a large traction battery to power the electric motor and should be connected to an electrical plug or charging hardware, or likewise called electric vehicle supply gear.

Because it uses electricity, this type of car does not emit exhaust gases from the exhaust and does not contain the average fluid fuel parts, for example, the fuel siphon, fuel line or gas tank.

How electric cars work

Unlike gasoline cars, which use traditional internal combustion engines, electric cars work by being powered by a charged battery. It serves to power the motor and turn the wheels. So, these vehicles depend on electricity for power instead of gasoline.

This car can supply power through a wall outlet, as used for other electrical appliances, or from a dedicated charging unit. They just need to plug the car’s charging port into a power source and the battery receives the power stored in the vehicle.

Electric vehicles are also quieter than cars powered by gasoline or diesel. They tend to only make noise most of the time when they are traveling at moderate to high speeds, due to wind resistance or tire noise. Meanwhile, regular cars are still considered much louder.

Even so, there is also a hybrid car variant, which uses a combination of electricity and liquid fuel. For example, a car with the latest concept, namely the 2024 Honda Accord.

Gas / gasoline car

In simple terms, gasoline car or gasoline engine is an internal combustion engine that performs combustion in the combustion chamber which is located inside the engine with gasoline as the main fuel. Unlike electric cars, gasoline cars are powered by an engine that uses gasoline to generate power to turn a motor and wheels.

Difference between an electric car and a gas car

There are differences between electric cars and gas cars, which are:

  • Source of energy

The most basic difference between the two is the source of energy. Cars with conventional engines or gasoline car get power from gasoline stored in the fuel tank. Gasoline in the fuel tank is flowed using a series of pipes known as the fuel system. As for electric cars, getting power from electricity stored in the car’s battery. The battery of each car also has a different capacity, depending on the specifications of the car.

  • The process of generating energy

Gasoline cars produce power from the combustion process of a mixture of air and fuel that occurs in the combustion chamber. Combustion that occurs involves the piston to move up and down which is then converted into rotary motion by the crankshaft. Then, the rotation of the crankshaft is transferred to the wheels of the car through the transmission system.

As for the electric car itself, power is generated from DC electricity from the battery which is converted into AC-3 Phase by the inverter. From AC-3, this phase is then used to drive the electric motor to turn the wheels of the car. So, the process of generating power is much simpler in electric cars like 2024 Honda Accord.

  • Emission

Gasoline cars produce exhaust emissions that are released through the exhaust. As for the electric car itself, the combustion process does not occur, so it does not emit emissions. Therefore, electric cars are also known as environmentally friendly cars, because they do not produce carbon gas which can have a negative impact on nature.

That was the description of electric cars and gas cars. However, there are also types of hybrid cars such as the 2024 Honda Accord which has both technologies. Which one do you choose between the two?