How to Aim for Target to be Easily Reached

Our lives are filled with targets. Targets are indeed needed so we have a goal. In achieving that goal, we need several things, such as intentions, willingness, clear vision, deadlines, and also discipline. We can see that the first thing mentioned is intention and willingness. The reason why these two things are mentioned at the beginning is that they are the most important things in achieving results. Whether we are fast or not in achieving targets in our lives, it all depends on how much we are determined to achieve it.

When a determination has been made, then automatically a number of important things mentioned will follow and carried out on their own. Some people might assume that the most important thing to start is by having a clear vision. However, in my view, the finding of a clear vision also requires a strong will. Specifically, this is the willingness to change.

Short-Term And Long-Term Target

As stated before, the targets in our lives vary. There are long-term targets and short-term targets. Both of them need the same factors, but to reach the long-term target we need to do it extra. To be able to achieve long-term targets, the psychological abilities we have to improve are a matter of patience and continuity. Because it has become a natural problem when someone feels tired of what he or she is pioneering, so some of them stop their business in the middle. That is why we need strong determination.

Short-term targets, besides requiring strong will, we also have to be willing to work quickly and set the priorities. Let’s say when there is an organizer who will hold an event, the target of the organizer is to be able to collect the funds needed for the smooth running event. The fundraising deadline must be before the implementation day. Therefore, fundraising has become a priority and short-term target that is borne by all members of the organizer, not only the fund-raising section.

High Level Of Determination And Discipline

Then another example is the achievement of the target to have an athletic body. Having an athletic body is not an easy job. You must have a strong will and high discipline. You also have to adjust your diet, both the type of food consumed or the hours of your meal. So that you can get fast results in shaping the body, then you have to do fitness exercises every day.

Besides doing fitness exercises regularly and also at the same time. You also have to be disciplined at mealtime. In addition, you must be consistent to keep yourself from consuming high-calorie foods. if you want to get the right results, then that is the thing you have to do. You must be disciplined, willing to sacrifice time and energy, you may even have to avoid your favorite food.

All the things you want, whatever your vision and mission in the future, if you want to get results quickly, then you must be determined and also have a high level of discipline. If it’s not like that, it will be difficult for you.