The 10 Inspirational People That Being Success After Facing Rejection

Are you ever failed to reach what you want? It just once but repeatedly failed? you are not the only one person in the world that ever feel the rejection or failure. Because of so many people like you. however, look the failure as a normal thing in life. So you don’t have to mourn it. In fact, there are some people in this world who is the great people after failed many times.

Bill Gates

Before success with Microsoft, a figure like Bill Gates had failure experiences. Gates that comes from a middle-class family is trying to start is business by working with Paul Gilbert and Paul Alen. They created Traf O Data, a data processing machines. The first company he produced was good enough and could make money. However, their compilation tried to present data processing machine to Seattle country, the machine repaired the damage. From there, Bill Gates and his team was succeeded by creating Microsoft.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was crowned as the busiest person in the world. She also has a bitter failure and bad experiences in her life. Little Oprah lives with her mother and born to a family that is not in a harsh environment. She has bad experienced in sexual harassment since she was 9 years old with his uncle and cousin. Before being known to the public and having her own talk show, Oprah also felt the bitterness of being rejected by the media because she was black and not suitable to appear on television. But look, Oprah is currently very successful, especially in The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Colonel Sanders

Who doesn’t know the face of Colonel Sanders? His face being popular with the restaurant of crispy fried chicken that many people like. Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC has also felt the pain of failure in business. Before selling fried chicken, Sanders had become a firefighter, the repairman, insurance sales, and also a chef. In fact, he just discovered the secret recipe for fried chicken that was delicious at the age of half a century. Ten years later, he started his own business by opening a franchise restaurant that sells fried chicken. The restaurant, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The sales of his restaurant increase 3 fold per year.

Jk. Rowling

It seems that no one else does not know the creator of the Harry Potter magic world. But not many people know that behind the success of the story of Harry Potter there is the bad experienced that was felt by the creator. Rowling began writing the Harry Potter book since 1990. In the same year when her mother died after she treated her from complications of sclerosis for 10 years. Two years later she married and had a daughter. Unfortunately, in two years later she has to divorce with her husband and become a single parent to her child. Then now, she became a great writer with the books are translated into various language.

Stephen King

Before many people read his work, he had been treated 30 times by the publisher for his first novel entitled Carrie. Even King had felt very bored and threw his draft into the trash. Luckily, his wife always believed in his dreams, so he took back the draft and continued to encourage King. While writing a novel, King previously worked as an English teacher. He also wrote short stories for his income. Now he has succeeded to sell around 350 million copies of his novel because he is always persistent and never gives up.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was known as an intelligent scientist with his theory of relativity. His theories are widely used as the foundation of natural sciences, especially in the field of physics. But, apparently, Albert Einstein’s life was not happy like what we think. He cannot speak until 4 years old, which means it is very late. He also difficult to reading until 7 years old.

Henry Ford

Ford is known as one of the successful people and founder of Ford Motor Company, one of the largest automotive companies in the world. Who would have thought, it turned out that Henry Ford had failed before he successfully built the company. At the age of 36 he was bankrupt, but two years later he built company called Henry Ford Company that also was bankrupt. Then in the third attempt, he succeeded.

Thomas Alva Edison

Before he found the technology of light, in his experiments, he had to do as many as 9.000 repetitions to reach the success. Every time he failed in his experiments, Edison always stressed to himself that he was not failing.

Walt Disney

Disney first opened an animation studio business which led to bankruptcy. This is because even the cartoon created attracted a lot of people attention, but a very high labor cost he went bankrupt. After that, Disney moved to California to start his new business.

Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson is known as the creator of Dyson’s durable vacuum cleaner brand. But before he succeeded he had failed with the previous engine when 30 years old.