The Best Type of Aquarium Filter

Filters have an important role in the life of the ecosystem in the aquarium. Especially if you have favorite fish that are expensive. Then you must buy the best filter for your aquarium.

Understand the Aquarium Filter Structure

Distributor Parker Indonesia provides the best filter for your aquarium. Don’t think that all aquariums can use any type of filter. But we have to choose an aquarium filter depending on what animals are in it. Aquarium filters work to clean water in three filtration processes:

  • First Process

Pulling out physically visible debris and food

  • Second process

Biological filtration by decomposing bacteria

  • The third process

Chemical filtration that functions to remove odors and toxic substances in water.

If you have passed the 3 filtration processes above, the aquarium water will be cleaner and the animals in it can live in prosperity.

How to Choose an Aquarium Filter

Before you buy an aquarium filter, Distributor Parker Indonesia provides tips for choosing the best aquarium filter. Check out the following ways so that you don’t choose the wrong aquarium filter:

  • Select Filter All In One

If you want to match the 3 filtration processes above, then you need to find a filter that does it all. With just one filter, you will get the best filtration performance for your aquarium ecosystem.

  • Top Type Filter

This filter has excellent filtration capacity and efficiency and is very easy to maintain. For those of you who are beginners, you can buy this filter because it is suitable for all types of living things in your aquarium.

You can also easily check the filter tank to find out when to change the filter material.

  • External Type Filter

This filter is good looking and has a high filtration capacity. You can choose this filter if you want to maintain the beauty of the appearance of your aquarium. The external filter has a tube that is attached to the outside of the aquarium, so that it does not interfere with the appearance of the inside.

  • Type of Throw

You can use this filter to get both filtration and aeration. These filters are available in various sizes and they are also cheap.

This filter is used for small aquariums. This is why these filters require more frequent cleaning and replacement.

  • Combination Filter

Combination filters are suitable for small aquariums. Because this filter only has the role of mechanical and biological filtration. But you have to change the aquarium water frequently to keep the water clean.

  • Sponge Type Filter

This filter is a combination filter that is quite easy to install in the corner of the aquarium. The bacteria present in the sponge will provide a biological filtration effect. However, this filter is quite noisy.

  • Hanging Type

This filter is installed by hooking on the top edge of the aquarium..

Distributor Parker Indonesia provides various types of aquarium filters that you can choose for the survival of your pets. don’t choose the wrong aquarium filter if you don’t want your favorite fish to die.